Tucker & Bloom Presents: Welcome to New Orleans – Mixed by Personify (2014)

Tucker & Bloom Presents: Welcome to New Orleans mixed by Personify

Welcome to New Orleans: A tribute to New Orleans Funk and Soul is the work of New Orleans native, DJ Personify. Raised in the Crescent City, the die-hard Hip-Hop fan learned early on that many of the samples he discovered originated in New Orleans. He soon became infatuated with the Funk and Soul music recorded there and has spent the better part of the last twenty years immersed in the culture of those records. Personify’s passion for New Orleans’ music and culture extends to the present day and is manifested in this DJ mix masterpiece. Lovingly compiled, all of the artists featured on the mix are native to New Orleans with the exception of Hugo Montenegro who plays alongside Al Hirt (a New Orleans native) and The Headhunters, who are included here because of their work with Bill Summers (a life-long New Orleanian). All songs and samples used on this mix were recorded from vinyl sources. You can find a track list and record release notes below. Limited edition CDs with killer artwork and packaging designed by Case Bloom of Tucker & Bloom are also available for pre-order at personify.bandcamp.com/. The CDs are highly limited, so be sure to cop one before they are all gone!

We hope you enjoy and are inspired to go learn more about New Orleans music and culture!


Welcome to New Orleans is the first in a new series of DJ mixes curated by Tucker & Bloom. Focused on regional music, each mix will feature a DJ and record collector who specializes in the musical history of their town. Be sure to stay follow Tucker & Bloom on Twitter @tuckerbloom for updates on other forthcoming mixes in their new city mixtape series. And of course, check out the Tucker & Bloom website for all of your personal bag and luggage needs!

1. Intro

2. Betty Harris – Break in the Road (SSS International 1969)

3. Lee Dorsey – Give it Up (Amy 1969)

4. Lagniappe Breaks, Cuts and Scrapes Interlude

       Aaron Neville – Hercules (P-Vine Records 1987 / Original Release Mercury 1975)

       The Meters – Just Kissed My Baby (Reprise 1974)

       The Meters – Look-Ka Py Py Drums (Josie Records 1969)

       The Meters – Here Comes The Meter Man Drums (Josie Records 1969)

       Lee Dorsey – Get Out of My Life Women Drums (Amy 1966)

       The Meters – Cardova (Josie Records 1969)

       Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover and a Friend Drums (Capitol Records 1968)

       The Meters – Hand Clapping Song (Josie Records 1970)

       Salt – Hung Up Drums (Unofficial Bootleg 2001 / Original Release Choctaw 1972)

       Al Hirt – Harlem Hendoo (RCA Victor 1967)

5. Salt – Hung Up (Unofficial Bootleg 2001 / Original Release Choctaw 1972)

6. Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover and a Friend (Capitol Records 1968)

7. Enticers – Thief (Coalition 1972)

8. The Meters – Thinking (Josie Records 1969)

9. Cyril Neville – Gossip (Josie Records 1969)

10. Porgy Jones – Catch Joe Potato (Great Southern 1972)

11. Headhunters – God Made Me Funky (Arista 1975)

12. Wild Magnolias – Corey Died on the Battlefield (Polydor 1974)

13. Al Hirt & Hugo Montenegro – Sentries Change (RCA Victor 1970)

14. James K-Nine – Live It Up (Federal 197?)

15. Eddie Bo – Hook and Sling Part 1 & 2 (Scram Records 1969)

16. Abraham – Hook and Boogie Part 1 & 2 (Hy Sign Records 1972)

17. Smokey Johnson & Company – The Funkie Moon (Intrepid 1969)

18. Eddie Bo – Check Your Bucket (Bo-Sound 1970)

19. Ernie K. Doe – Here Come the Girls (Janus Records 1973)

20. Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got Reasons (Power-Pac 1969)

21. Bonnie & Shelia – Keep Me Hanging On (King 1971)

22. Inell Young – What Do You See In Her (Soul Jazz Records 2008 Limited Edition / Original Release Libra 196?)

23. Betty Harris – Mean Man (Sansu 1968)

24. Explosions – Hip-Drop (Gold Cup 1970)

25. Explosions – Garden of Four Trees (Gold Cup 197?)

26. Marilyn Barbarin & The Soul Finders – Reborn (Unofficial Bootleg 2014 / Original Release Bo-Sound 197?)

27. Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders – We’re Doing It (Thang) Part 2 (Bo-Sound 1970)

28. The Gaturs – Cold Bear (Gatur Records 1971)

29. Johnny Moore – Haven’t I Been Good To You (Wand 1967)

30. Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time (ATCO 1973)

31. The Meters – Simple Song (Josie Records 1969)

32. The Meters – Oh, Calcutta! (Josie Records 1969)

33. Warren Lee – Funky Belly (Wand 1968)

34. Robert Parker – Hip Huggin’ (NOLA Records 1967)

35. The Gaturs – Gator Bait (Gatur Records 1971)

36. African Music Machine – Tropical (Soul Power 1972)

37. The Wild Magnolias – Soul, Soul, Soul (Polydor 1974)

38. Inell Young – The Next Ball Game (Big 9 197?)

39. Ernie & The Top Notes Inc.- Dap Walk (Stones Throw+Now Again 2003 / Original Release Fordom 1972)

40. “Candy” Phillips – Timber Part 1 (Atlantic 1965)

41. African Music Machine – Black Water Gold (Soul Power 1972)

42. Willie Tee – Sweet Thing (Gatur Records 1970)

43. Chuck Carbo – Can I Be Your Squeeze (Canyon Records 1970)

44. African Music Machine – The Dapp (Soul Power 1973)

45. Roy Ward – Horse With A Freeze Part 1 (Seven B 196?)

46. Lee Dorsey – Four Corners Part 1 & 2 (Amy 1968)

47. Professor Longhair – Big Chief (Watch Records 1964)

48. The Gaturs – Hunk of Funk (Gatur Records 1972)

49. Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris – Lots of Lovin’ (Sansu 1967)

50. The Gaturs – Yeah You’re Right (Gatur Records 1972)

51. Willie Tee – Teasing You Again (Grapevine 2000 Records 2003 / Original Release Gatur Records 1972)

52. Betty Harris – I’m Gonna Git Ya (Sansu 1967)

53. The Wild Magnolias – Saints (Polydor 1974)

If you want to learn a little more about the history of New Orleans Funk and Soul, hit up Universal Cave and check out the Cavecast episode Personify did along side fellow Little Big Things Crew member FROZ1 where they discuss some of the history of both New Orleans and Philadelphia funk music (Cavecast 008: Funk from NOLA to Philly).

Recordbreakin Presents: Sound Traveler Series #5 feat. Personify (2014)

Sound Traveler Series #5 ft. Personify by Recordbreakin on Mixcloud

Learn more about the Sound Traveler mix series @ www.recordbreakin.com


In the theme of sound traveling, for this installment of the Sound Traveler series I decided to pull some music I’m particularly fond of at the moment from a few different genres, including house, soul, boogie, hip-hop and jazz to name a few… Some songs are old and some are new. Some tracks are from vinyl and others are from digital sources. Some will be familiar and others may not be so familiar. Some may make you want to dance and others may make you want to chill out. For me personally, the common thread running through the songs on this mix is that they all have a lot of soul. I hope you’ll find them soulful as well, and that you’ll enjoy the mix wherever you are, doing whatever it is you’re doing. Dig the tunes and if you like what you hear, please look up the artists and support them however you can. Thanks for listening, and big thanks to Record Breakin’ Music for having me be a part of the Sound Traveler series! It’s an honor to be featured amongst so many talented folks. Peace… @Personify

The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Personify Edit)
First Choice – Love Thang (Genius of Time Remix)
Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty (Lewis Futon Remix)
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Remix)
Andy Hart & Max Graef – Super Party (Edit)
Jungle Brothers – Doin’ Our Own Thing
N.Y. House’n Authority – Apt 1A (Nicholas Witness Remix)
DJ Technics – Nights Over Egypt (J Dilla Tribute) (Personify Edit)
Aly-Us – Follow Me (Matteo Rosolare’s Deep House Bootleg) (Personify Vocal Rework)
Art of Tones – Take Me Higher (Personify Edit)
Kenix vs. Axwell – Never Found No One Like You (DJ Will-Rock Edit)
Rhythm Makers – Soul On Your Side (Personify Boogie Edit)
Katzuma – All Night (7 Inch Version)
DJ Vas – You’re The One
Cabral & Jacques Renault – No Mistake (Kon’s 2079 Mix)
Vance & Suzzanne – I Can’t Get Along Without You (Monk One Dub)
Circle City Band – Magic (Personify Edit)
Logg – I Know You Will (Fingerman and FunkyJaws Edit)
Day – Kossa
Build An Ark – You’ve Got To Have Freedom (J-Rocc Remix)
Boz Scaggs – Lowdown Moods Remix (Personify Edit)
7 Days of Funk – Let It Go
Jon Kwest – Breakadawn
Luvless – Deepest Taboo
Donald Byrd – Wind Parade (DJ Steef Edit)
Blackbeard ft. Anthony Allen – Freeway
Extra Medium (ft. John Robinson & Miles Bonny)- Know Thy Self

June 13th at The Trestle…


Philly!! Friday June 13th Little Big Things Crew is back at The Trestle Inn and this month we’re bringing one of Nashville’s finest with us….YOUNG BOWLS!!! One of the funkiest dudes we know, Bowls is not playing around behind the wheels. Hope to see you in the place! As always: No Cover. No Nonsense. Whiskey.

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