Little Big Things – The Mix Tape (2012)

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The Little Big Things Crew brings you their first release: Little BIG Things – The Mix Tape, an all 7-inch mix of funk, soul, disco and boogie tunes mixed, cut and scraped by Philadelphia crate diggers Personify, FROZ1 and Case Bloom. We dug deep in our collections to compile a mix guaranteed to have your deck on blast from start to finish. Little records – BIG TUNES. Bang it loud and enjoy. And next time you’re in Philly, be sure to check out The Little Big Things Crew at The Trestle Inn’s Souled Out every 2nd Friday for the best whiskey sours in the city, Go-Go dancers, and the illest funk, soul, disco, boogie and latin 45s.

Tracklist below and in the Lyrics tab in iTunes. Mediafire link for download here:

Little BIG Things – The Mix Tape Track List:
1.) Sisters Love – Now Is The Time
2.) Rudy Love & The Love Family – Does Your Mama Know
3.) The Turtles – Buzz Saw
4.) Jimmy Norman – Gangster of Love Part 1
5.) Chuck Womack and The Sweet Souls – Ham Hocks and Beans
6.) B.E.H. – In the Middle of Blind Alley My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me (Little Big Things Edit)
7.) Mocambo Allstars – The Next Message (Kenny Dope Mix)
8.) Lee Fields – I’m The Man
9.) Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band – What Can You Bring Me
10.) The Meters – People Say
11.) Lou Courtney – Hot Butter N’ All Part 1
12.) The Herb Johnson Settlement – Damph F’aint
13.) Jimmy Jones – Time and Changes
14.) Bernard Wright – Chillin’ Out
15.) Crown Heights Affair – Move Your Body and Soul
16.) Brother to Brother – In The Bottle
17.) Joe Bataan – The Bottle (La Botella)
18.) Gil Scott Heron – New World Revolution
19.) Kool & The Gang – Caribbean Festival (Disco Version)
20.) Yambu – Sunny
21.) Crown Heights Affair – Dreaming on a Dream
22.) Freeez – Southern Freeez
23.) Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music Instrumental
24.) Skyy – Here’s To You
25.) D-Train – You’re the One for Me
26.) Donald Byrd – Think Twice
27.) The S.S.O. Orchestra – Faded Lady Instrumental
28.) George McRae – Look at You
29.) Gwen McRae – Funky Sensation
30.) Linda Clifford – Runaway Love
31.) Universal Robot Band – Dance and Shake Your Tambourine
32.) Ronnie Laws – Always There
33.) Weldon Irvine – I Love You



Here’s a little boogie mix I did for Illvibe Radio in October 2012. Dig it, and listen to/download the full podcast episode here:…05_37-07_00

The full episode features a killer set of world music from Illvibe Collective’s lil’ dave. Enjoy.

1. Mr. Chinn – Mr. Chinn Gets It Together
2. Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
3. Squirmin Herman – Move & Shake Your Body (Fingerman Edit)
4. Cosmic Force – Dance Your Blues Away (Cosmic Boogie Edit)
5. Shuggie Otis – Special [Unreleased Track] (FROZ1 Edit)
6. Dimitri From Paris – Free Ton Style
7. Homework – Hudson Square
8. Unlimited Touch – Searching to Find the One (PERSONIFY EDIT)
9. Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (Prince Klassen Young Professional ReEdit)
10. Neighbor – The Walk (Part 2 Mix)
11. Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (MAW Remix)
12. Los Charly’s Orchestra – The Groove & Its Synonyms (PERSONIFY EDIT)
13. Herbie Hancock – Saturday Night (Beatconductor ReEdit)
14. Illvester – Feel Reel (Kon Edit)
15. Micky J. & Jimmy B. – You Make Me Feel Funky (The Apple Scruffs Edit)

Case Bloom – Lemonade Hip Hop (2010)

Lemonade Hip Hop by Casebloom on Mixcloud

I have recently been going through music at a fast pace. Maybe it’s twitter and blogs, or maybe it come’s with the territory in 2010. In any case there is a lot of good music out there, and I’ve been meaning to highlight a few overlooked treats with a quick mix. We’ll I finally got around to recording it this past week, and its here just in time for the first day of summer. The resulting concoction is thirty minutes of both new and ripe (if you will) soulful hip hop tracks, carefully selected for your pleasure, and mixed with just the right amount of sugary cuts. Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is….enjoy

Case Bloom – Chung King Studios: Licence To Chill Volume 1 (2010)

Chung King Studios: Licence To Chill Volume 1 by Casebloom on Mixcloud

Chung King is a legendary recording studio in NYC.
In the 1980s they recorded a lot of DEF JAM stuff, and made a name for themselves as a “Hip Hop” recording studio.
Since then what was once “Chung King’s House Of Metal”, a small studio above a Chinese restaraunt, has built a reputation for churning out hits, and become a staple for recording artists of all genres.
A few weeks ago, a friend who works there and I were talking about the massive amount of classics recorded there, and we thought it would be cool to do a mix series highlighting their legacy. Where to begin? The Eighties.

The looped records, 808, and heavy bass on these records are closer to punk rock than any hip hop recorded these days. Turn it up loud and you can almost smell the egg fu young. This one is 80’s cassette tape grimey.

Case Bloom – North To South Vol. 1 (2010)

My father is really heavy into Jazz. My childhood is peppered with Latin jazz, and the fragrant smell of leather in our home. I remember listening to Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto bored stiff. I didn’t really understand how this music was shaping my taste until at the age of thirteen I discovered hip hop. It became a sort of lens for me to examine the rest of the musical world through, and the use of sampling became a fixation. I was always intrigued to hear how my favorite producers would take a dusty old snippet, flip it, and make it new again. My favorite sounds were always those familiar jazz rifts I heard at home. As an adult I began to seek out those records, rediscover the music I grew up with and expand my musical horizons. This mix is about a lot of things for me. I look at my musical taste and how it has changed throughout the years. I look at the partnering of my father and I to establish our bag company, Tucker & Bloom. To me it’s as much about the journey in life as where you are going, even if you can’t smell the leather all the time.-Case Bloom


KAP10 and myself (Cheap Perfume) made this mix about a year ago consisting entirely of tracks and samples glorifying alcohol in all its many forms. There’s something here for everyone, no matter your drink or genre of choice… So, grab a drink, pop it in your deck, and rage it! Plenty of debauchery, dope music, scratching, sh^tty culture, and general shenanigans… Track listing in the Lyrics section of the MP3 tag info. Feel free to share and repost link anywhere you see fit… Enjoy.

Personify – BMORE FOR THE HELL OF IT (2009)

Mix of Baltimore Club influenced soul, dance, disco, hip-hop, electro, house, pop, and even some rock. A lot of it’s not really standard Bmore music, so whether you’re a huge fan or total hater of the Bmore genre, give it a listen…you might be pleasantly surprised. And If you don’t know what Bmore music is, not important…just check it out.

Track listing in lyrics. Enjoy and share this mix as you see fit, and if you dig the music, please support the artists.